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Your one stop shop of information for seniors and persons with disabilities for Hurricanes and Disasters

Welcome to the "No Person Left Behind" Program.  This program is for all seniors and persons with disabilities and any other person who wishes to voluntarily register.

Enclosed on this CD are the following PDF Photo PDF files that we would like you to read to get a better understanding of this program.

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CD Table of Contents:

2004-2005 Hurricane & Disaster Photo Presentation
        Please check out our Power Point Photo Presentation       

State Proposal

         ADA Proposal - State Final - NoPersonLeftBehind - large print

         ADA Proposal - State Final - NoPersonLeftBehind - normal print

Executive Summary

         No Person Left Behind Executive Summary

Hurricane / Disaster Registration Form - This form can be downloaded and given to all to fill out and then mailed to No Person Left

         Hurricane and Disaster Form

Application for organizations that wish access to the "No Person Left Behind" Database. (Please fill out and submit as soon as possible)

         No Person Left Behind - Database Application

Join the "No Person Left Behind" mailing list so you can stay current with what is going on, and provide input for others

        NoPersonLeftBehind-Information - Mailing list

Thank You's


No Person Left Behind - Flow Chart

         No Person Left Behind - Flow chart

Response from the Florida State Governors Office

         No PERSON LEFT BEHIND - Gov Bush response

         No Person Left Behind - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY- LT Gov response

Letter from Parent

         Letter Lynn James

Response from the Florida Disability Task Force

         Mary Russell - Comments Research  & Organizational Preparedness Specialist

Employment Information

         Hurricane - Barbara

         Wage Survey

         Wage Conversion

News Press Article

         The News-Press_ Hurricane

Hardware Requirements

         X800CSN(Linda Carter)

Software Requirements

         Adobe Pricing

Phone System Requirements

         Communicator - NXT - Phone

Building Layout - ADA Emergency Call Center

         building layout

Contact Information

         Contact Information - State Final

Photos from the 2004 - 2005 Hurricane Season

        Photo Gallery - Hurricane Charlie

        Photo Gallery - Hurricane Katrina - Before

        Photo Gallery - Hurricane Katrina -Aftermath